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DS Lite Nintendo DSi and GBA Flash Card is a device for playing free NDS roms on GBA similar to how you play rom files on a PC emulator. There are many DSI backup card types EZ-Flash. Neo NDS ROMS Flash Card NeoFlash R4DS AceKart CycloDS flash cards for DSi
  GBA X-ROM ECube XG-Flash F2A Ultra Flash Card USB Linker set
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R4 DS - Nintendo DS Rom Cartridges and SuperCard DStwo

  • R4DS Store sells the most popular R4 DS Flash Cards for Nintendo DS, NDS, DSi XL game copy tools. Use R4DS cards to play NDS roms for free.
  • New SuperCard DStwo - now with exclusive GBA emulator for DSi
    +DivX movie player, MAME rom emu and SNES game emulator that works at full speed! More features comming soon!
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R4DS DS cards

Nintendo R4 DS Cards Free NDS Games - R4 ROMs

 Gameboy Advance Roms Backup GBA Flash  

Gameboy Advance Flash Card Linker - Backup GBA Roms

gba flash card linkerGBA Flash Card / Cart / Cartridge - Rewritable cartridge that can store GBA ROMs. Originally designed by Nintendo and supplied to official game developers for testing their new games but nowadays produced by many companies and sold to everyone interested in playing gba roms on GAEMBOY hardware. Flash card emulates a normal game cartridge plus had many additional features that Nintendo carts do no have.

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GBA lash Linker / Link cable / Flash Card Writer - a special kind of link cable for PC USB or Printer port that enables a user to write GBA ROMs to the gba flash cart. Can be connected to the Gameboy Advance / SP link port [EXT.1] or have a separate adapter that the cartridge has to be pluged into in order to red write roms to it.

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dsi virtual consoleNintendo DS Lite / Nintendo DSi Virtual Console Multi Game Cartridge with DS/DSi and NES 8-bit, GAMEBOY and GB COLOR games!

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With NDS Multi Game Cartridges also known as DS Multicarts - You are in control of what games you want to have on the cartridge. Pick from literalery hundreds of full version Nintendo DS games. Select the you like and have a cartrdge with 100+ top games in ONE

Best DS Lite / DSi Multicart Stores (UK, USA, EU)

Nintendo DS multicarts.com Buy from DS Game DataBase

DS Lite & Nintendo DSi Flash Cards x

Most of the GBA Flash Cards are no longer produced, but now you can get flash card adapters that will work with NDS roms on the DS Lite and soon on Nintendo DSi consoles. DSi roms have not been tested, but I believe that the DSi will be hacked to play all games real soon. NDS emulators like No$GBA are good for testing games on PC, but to fully enjoy the gaming experience you have to play on the hardware that the roms were deigned for - DS Lite / DSi .
And we are working on Nintendo 3DS section with 3DS R4 card copy device reviews R4 3DS tests and DStwo firmware for making it N3DS compatible.

GBA flash cart lets you backup ROMs from your PC to your GBA. On most flash carts, this is made possible via a flash linker cable. A linker is an adapter between GBA / GBASP <-> Computer. You put flash cartridge into the linker, and plug linker into computer. Using rom-flashing software you can send or backup ROM and Game Saves from your cartridge to your computer and PC -> GBA. This means you can add GBA ROMs to your cart, delete them, or back them up onto your computer. You can do the same with your Save Games. When roms have been written to the cart - put it back into your GBA and you can play the roms (GBA Games). If more than one rom is written to the card a boot loader will appear with a list of games available. R4 DS Card for games.

GBA Flash Card Linker reviews

ECube Card & EZFA Linker Flash2Adance Ultra F2A Linker
GBA X-ROM Card and Linker EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar EZ2 Cart
XG2 Turbo Linker XG-Flash card GB-Bridge adapter for GBC roms
GBA ROM Backup devices Where to Buy GBA Flash Card
   PlayStation 2 Backups MODs - PS2 Mod-Chips and Xbox Chips
 Xbox PS2 Mods  

Playstation 2 / Xbox

When installed in your gaming system, a PS2 or XBox, a mod chip will allow you to play imported games as well as backups of your own games made on CD-R or DVD-R Media.

Why would I need a mod chip to play imports and backups?
The PlayStation 2 checks the country code on the PS2 CD Roms / DVDs before it allows the game to start. If the country code on the disc does not match that of your PlayStation 2, it will not allow you to play the game. Similarly, the console checks to make sure you have inserted an original PS2 disc - If there is no modchip installed i will detect CD-R and DVD-R copies and will not play them. There are chips that will work on all PlayStation 2 models but some will only work with certain versions of the PS2. As Sony continue to enhance their consoles so Mod chip developers meet the demand with new and more sophisticated chips.

Are there other solutions for playing my backups and imports?
Yes there are external Neo Keys and several other plug-n-play devices such as the combination of the Fliptop shell and the Swap Magic disc set.

ModChip Features

  • Direct boot of PS2 Imports / Backups (all media, including DVD-9 and multi-disc titles). Direct boot of PSX Imports/Backups (EA anti-mod and all multi-disc titles supported).
  • Boot any PS2 executable directly from memory card. DivX, Mp3, Logo etc.
  • PS2 HD SUPPORT - boot homebrew software from a hard disc drive
  • DVD Region Free. Screen position and color fix
  • Use your Memory Manager 16M memory card without boot CD
  • Action Replay 2, Game Shark 2 and Action Replay Max compatible
  • Loader code contained in flash and upgradable via software by the PS2 to support future feature enhancements. 2 copies of loader code stored in flash. Copy 1 is not upgradable. On bootup, the hardware will determine whether copy 2 is valid and if not, fallback to copy 1 (protects against refreshing failures).
  • Flash upgrade compatibility Future flash upgrades written for DMS3 Plus will also be backwards compatible with DMS3 1.0,2.0 and V9.
  • All console versions supported.


Tools for Playing PS2 backups Tools for Xbox backups


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Flash2Advance Linker USB
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Special offer for SuperCard DSTWO 3DS + 16GB microSD set at R4 Canada.

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