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   Software and Games you can run with this GBA Flash Card

Emulators for GB Advance

With this card you will be able to play Emulated ROMS or the following consoles.
(Before you can writing roms to the EZF Advace on PC merged romfiles wiht the aproprite Emulator and turn them into a *.GBA file / archive)

  •  Nintendo Entertainment System (NES roms)
  •  Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Z80 roms)
  •  GameBoy B&W / GB COLOR (GB, GBC roms)
  •  Atari 2600 (Atari roms)
  •  SEGA Master System (SMS roms)
  •  PC Engine / Turbo GraFX (PCE roms)
  •  Arcade (Mame roms)
  •  Chip8 and more...


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