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GB-Bridge Review. Flash 2 Advance GBBridge adapter for GBC roms on Gameboy Advance Flash2Advance cards. Compatible with FA, Pro, Turbo and Flash Advance Xtreme cards. Use it with F2A USB linker or Printer Port linkers. Download and Write GameBoy color roms.
  Gameboy Bridge adapter for F2A Flash 2 Advance cards to play GBC roms
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GB-Bridge for Flash2Advace Cards

GB Bridge is an adapter between GBA Flash2Adance (also compatibl with the old Flash Advance Xteme / Pro / FA Turbo) cartridge and GAMEBOY. (GB / GBC /GBA). With it you will be able to play GameBoy and GameBoy COLOR roms on your GBA and use Flash 2 Advance cards to play GB and GBC roms on Gameboy, GB Pocket and GB Color.

You need this adapter becouse old Gameboy and GB Color roms will not work on the modern GBA Flash Cards that when inserted in to GB Advance are rcogised as ADVANCE game cartriges and so can not run GBC roms directly without an adapter. Also to use F2A on the GB COLOR you need the Bridge because Advance cartridge will not fit in the Color GB do to its size.

USE Flash2Advance card with GB-Bridge to:

Play GB ROMS -> on GAME BOY™ (Black and White )

GB-Bridge adapter makes Flash Advance cards backward compatible!


Using this GB Bridge adapter you may store Gameboy and Gameboy Color rom files on the Flash2Advance cartridges. Just plug the flash cartridge into this adapter and plug it into the GameBoy Advance. The GB Bridge is compatible with the Flash Advance 64M (small models), 128M (all versions) as well as 256M and 512M cartridge. [ NOT compatible with F2A Ultra ]

GB-Bridge Features:


  • Allows use of all GBC and GB games on your GBA Flash Card
  • All GBA / GBC / GB programs and save data can be stored in the same Flash Advance Pro / Turbo / Xtreme cartridge
  • Play Multi GBA Games by using just the Flash Advance Card
  • Play GBC and GB roms on OLD Gameboy or Gameboy Color using the GB Bridge
  • All Save game data, game data / rom data can be stored on your PC Full support for all GBC and GB Games
  • Tons of free Software available, for Gameboy Advance and for PC
  • Upload gamesaves into your game cartridge!


GBLink-Bridge for Flash2Advance FA Pro / Turbo / Xtreme / F2A
The GBLink-Bridge is the ultimate add-on for your Flash Advance Linker / Flash Advance Pro set. Much like a converter for a home game system that allows you to use JAP Cartridges or games on a USA console or vice versa, the GBLink-Bridge allows you to use your existing GBA Flash Advance PRO / Turbo linker set as a GBC / GB backup / development system.
Essentially, this turns your current flash 2 advance link set into an amazing 2 in 1 backup and development system at an amazing super low price!

Download GBBridge Software Where to Buy GB-Bridge Adapter
   GB roms / GBC roms on Gameboy Advance Flash

GAMEBOY emulator for GB Advance

Alternative to using GB-Bridge is to use an emulator that would play GB an some GBC roms from gba flash. Wile most of the GB roms can be emulated this way not many GBC games will work with emulator. Only those GB color titles that were backward compatible with the original GAME BOY can be emulated.

Emulators will have to be used on all gameboy flash cards that do support GB-Bridge adapter. (Bridge is supported by Flash2Advance (old NON Ultra version) and Flash Advance / FA Pro / FA Turbo / Flash Advance Xtreme cards)



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