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XG2 Lite Review XG-Flash 2 Lite Cart Linker is a device for playing free roms on GBA similar to how you play rom files on a PC emulator. There are many Gameboy Advance backup card types : EZ-Flash, XG, XG2 Turbo, XG2T Plus, Reda reviews and compare before you buy
  XG2Lite Flash Writer and XG2L Cart
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XG-Flash 2 Lite : XG2Lite

The XG-Flash 2 Lite also known as XG2L is the successor of the GBA XG-Flash 1 and comes in cartridge sizes of 128M and 256M. XG2L 512M and 1G flash cards are to be released shortly. The Linker is similar to the XG1 linker and connects to the PC via a USB cable (compatible with USB v1.1 & v2.0 ).

Packaging is much like the XG1 set, a cardboard box with plastic securely holding the XG2 Linker, Cartridge and USB Cable in place, you also get a GBA / GBASP screen lense replacement with the XGFlash2 website name on the bottom.

Installation of the XG2L is fairly easy, simply connect the USB Cable and Linker to your PC and wait for the found hardware window to appear and follow the details to install the drivers which are supplied on the floppy disc or can be downloaded from the website. After drivers are in place install the witer softare and you are ready to write gba roms to the cart.

If you have the original XG1 drivers installed it would be suggested to remove them first but as we sow haveing them doesnt interfear with the XG2L operation. You should be aware that the XG2 Lite drivers are not compatible with the EZ-Flash 2 and F2A USB drivers and you will only be able to use one Flash Linker device at a time due to driver conflicts.

On the supplied floppy disc you will find XG2 Flash Manager software which is used to read/write gba roms to and from the cartridge. The software is regularly updated so check the homepage for the latest version. We tested Version 2.20 which had the majority of features usually found in other programs. At this time unfortunately XG2 is not compatible with LittleWriter, although the XG1 is supported the XG2 uses different drivers so LittleWriter fans may be disappointed. No software manual or documentation is supplied or available for the software which may cause problems for first time users. But the software is very straightforward to use so you shouldn't really have any problems.

The hardware saving feature allows you to run EEPROM and Flash save types without patching them. For the majority of gba roms games this seemed to work fine but there were some games that simply refused to work such as the new Mario and Yoshis Island that needed save game patch to work.

I tried several games for the reset feature and it seemed to work well, the manufacturers don't claim that every game will work with the reset feature as not all games are compatible for various reasons. It should also be noted that a new program has been recently released which allows the reset trick to be used on any cartridge type such as the Flash Advance.

There was problems with some XG1 carts loosing saves overnight. While I never had this problem a few people did so I thought I should address this issue. I tested the XG2 flash with four different game saves over a period of four days and the saves were still there during this time. This problem was apparently fixed in the second revision of the XG-Flash 1 so hopefully there shouldn't be any more issues on this.

PogoShell, a popular program originally for the Flash Advance cartridges is unfortunately incompatible with the XG2L. The Flash Advance is better suited for PogoShell because of its save management problems, while the XG2 Lite doesn't have these problems (saves are handled automatically) it would still be nice to see support for PogoShell as it has many other uses.

Flashing a full 64M ROM takes ~101 seconds compared to the Flash2Advance taking 115 seconds on average, strangely its not as fast as the XG1 of 92 seconds on average. A comparison table of the majority of linkers/carts times can be found here . But please remember that this is an average time so it may be faster or slower depending on various factors.

There isn't really alot of changes to justify upgrading from an XG1 to an XG2L, the reset feature can be done on any other cartridge so this is not really a major difference. The new software is nice but this is also available (without some features) for the XG1 so again no big difference. The only change that sticks out is the hardware saves which is not perfect and a larger CPLD capacity which will allow larger cartridge sizes in the future. Having both the XG1 and XG2L I find it hard to see any big difference between the two apart from being able to buy a larger cartridge, it almost seems as if the XG2L is a repackaged XG1 with new bigger size cards and new software.


Review XG2L - XG2 Lite Features:

Packaging 7 Comes in a secure box, nothing special but you shouldn't have any problems with battered boxes on delivery.
Ease Of Use 7 Doesn't come with any installation or user guide. Software is straightforward to use though.
Compatibility 8 You shouldn't have any problem running this on your machine. Gamewise the hardware save mostly works but you still need to EEPROM patch some games. Looses a point for drivers not being compatible with the EZ2 and F2A USB drivers.
Overall (not an average) 7 Not really any big difference to the XG1 to justify upgrading to a XG2L if you already have one. For a first time buyer its worth considering but you really should look at the other next gen carts such as the EZ2 and EZ-F.


Download XG2 Lite Software Where to Buy XG-Flash 2 Lite

   Software and Games you can run with this GBA Flash Card

Emulators for GB Advance

With this card you will be able to play Emulated ROMS or the following consoles.
(Before you can writing roms to the XG2Lite on PC merged romfiles wiht the aproprite Emulator and turn them into a *.GBA file / archive)

  •  Nintendo Entertainment System (NES roms)
  •  Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Z80 roms)
  •  SEGA Master System (SMS roms)
  •  PC Engine / Turbo GraFX (PCE roms)
  •  Arcade (Mame roms)
  •  GameBoy B&W / GB COLOR (GB, GBC roms)
  •  Atari 2600 (Atari roms)
  •  Chip8 and more...

Photo Albums - view JPG, BMP on GBA

Use SlideShow Builder for Windows or SlideAdvance 1.0 to compress you photos (*.jpg, *.bmp) and build a gameboy file containing a photo album.

Free GBA Demo and Freeware roms

There are literalry thousands of free games and demos that you can play with any one of the flash linker sets.



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