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XG2T Plus Review XG-Flash 2 Turbo Plus Linker is a device for playing free roms on GBA similar to how you play rom files on a PC emulator. There are many Gameboy Advance backup card types : EZ-Flash, XG, EZ2, XG2, Flash2Advanc, F2A - Compare before U choose!
  XG2T Plus Advance Card + GBA XG2TP USB Linker set review
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XG2 Turbo Plus : XG2T Plus

The XG2Turbo Plus is a cart with a lot of potential. It's hardware is very good and the Super Memory Stick function is original and works very well. Plus version is built based on the older XG2T.

The cartridge's power consummation is incredible: it can last up to 11 hours on a GBA SP with backlight on! This is the best power consummation on any flash cart up to date. Aside from the electrical usage, the hardware also has advanced features such as a real-time clock, and the cartridge supports many saves without patching, even 1Mb Flash, which is great as not many carts do so.

The cart also uses a new way to handle saves. While other carts use inner batteries, the XG2 has changed things around by using a Super Memory Stick function. This means that you will not have to ever worry about your saves being lost, as the SMS will always keep your saves. However, the system may seem quite awkward at first, as the SMS only keeps one active save at once, so if you decide to play another game, you have to backup the save from the first game before switching. It's weird, but I guess it would not be so hard to get used to it.

The software is average, but it does have dynamic writing, which is pretty cool. A smaller flaw is that it does not have cheat support, but the biggest overall flaw of this cart is the flashing speed. It's slooow. It takes about 12 minutes to flash 256Mb. With the EZFA, it takes about 5 minutes to do the same. However, if patience is on your side, this would not be so much of a disadvantage and you could live through it. In part this is do to verification of the written data that other linker do not perform.

For the XG2 Turbo, the hardware is great. And the software is being updated and impower all the time.

Summed up:
+ Incredible battery power consumption
+ SMS function to manage saves
+ SMS can hold 8M
+ 512Mb version
+ First GBA Flash Card that lets you change an old save game battey without opening the cartridge. XG2 Turbo Plus set box comes with 3 batteris that should in total last for more than 3 years.

- No cheat function
- SMS function takes getting used to
- Slow rom write speed
- No Pogoshell support

Review XG2 Turbo Plus Linker and XG2T Plus card Features:

Simple USB to GBA link port cable operation.
GBA and GBA SP compatible.
Realtime clock and calendar on.
Save Gam battery can be exchanged at any time.
Easy to open battery slot.
ideal for third-party PDA like applications.
Fast data transfer.
Play mini games via cable, no cart needed.
Hardware saver support.
Faster and higher density flash chips mounted.
128mbit capacity.
Easy to use software.
No additional power required.
Backup games to PC.
Move games from PC to cart.
For Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Advance SP.
No batteries required.
Backward compatible to older Flash Cards.
Download/upload gamesaves into/from your original carts.
Tons of free Software available.
One card holds many games/programs.
Stores a save game for EVERY game!

Download XG2T Plus Software Where to Buy XG2 Turbo Plus

   Software and Games you can run with this GBA Flash Card

Emulators for GB Advance

With this card you will be able to play Emulated ROMS or the following consoles.
(Before you can writing roms to the XG2T Plus on PC merged romfiles wiht the aproprite Emulator and turn them into a *.GBA file / archive)

  •  Nintendo Entertainment System (NES roms)
  •  Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Z80 roms)
  •  SEGA Master System (SMS roms)
  •  PC Engine / Turbo GraFX (PCE roms)
  •  Arcade (Mame roms)
  •  GameBoy B&W / GB COLOR (GB, GBC roms)
  •  Atari 2600 (Atari roms)
  •  Chip8 and more...

Free GBA Demo and Freeware roms

There are literalry thousands of free games and demos that you can play with any one of the flash linker sets.

Movie Player

Use utilities and encde Movie files (AVI, MPG and MPEG) for viewing on GBA. Again you will create a file similar to the game rom that you can write to the flash card same as one of the games and when selected in the boot menu it will play the movie!

Music Player (just lieke MP3 for GBA)

MusicPlayer Advance is an program that lets you play music files on the Gameboy Advance Flash Cards. It works just like WinAmp, you have a play list where you can select your songs. (Note: If you want Video Clips use the Movie player)

Photo Albums - view JPG, BMP on GBA

Use SlideShow Builder for Windows or SlideAdvance 1.0 to compress you photos (*.jpg, *.bmp) and build a gameboy file containing a photo album.

E-Books / Text reader for GBA

Create your own gba eBooks with pictures and even sound or read regular PC .txt files. You can also download these gba book roms from the net.




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