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 N3DS R4 and R4i DSi flash cards for homebrew and commercial rom backups
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Nintendo 3DS - R4 3DS Roms

3DS R4 roms flash card

The Nintendo 3DS is definitely stunning. In this regard, you can already disregard the console’s 3D element for R4 3DS. You may now play the game Metal Gear Solid using the 3DS and the quality of the graphics is way better than that of the PSP game. Could anything actually be greater than that? The 3D effect of the console is a nice element already but what will surely get your attention is the remarkable thumbstick of the 3DS as well as its latest horsepower. Nintendo should definitely be commended for this gadget. You may even get surprised the numerous games that you can play through it.

You might be thinking why others still settle with wearing silly glasses. You would eventually come to a realization that the 3DS R4 brand of Nintendo is definitely a more affordable choice instead of getting the actual thing but surely you have a lot to look forward to with this console. The effect of the 3DS is outstanding and you may even suddenly consider the televisions as well as the 3D glasses as a backward thing already. The display of the 3DS is more sensitive when it comes to looking into changes in the angle as compared to the theater setup. However, its display of the games like the Gran Turismo 5 is more pleasing to the eyes.

And we are now working on Nintendo 3DS game backup section with 3DS R4 card reviews and R4 3DS tests. Download SuperCard DStwo firmware for making it N3DS compatible.

Nintendo 3DS and NDS emulators like No$GBA are good for testing games on PC and Mac OSX, but to fully enjoy the gaming experience you have to play on the hardware that the roms were deigned for - DS Lite / 3DS / DSi .

   * Not Really a flash card but works for playing NES roms

GBA Movie Player Advance - CF Adapter

R4 3DS card R4iMost of the GBA Flash Cards and GBA Linkers are no longer produced, but now you can get flash card adapters that will work with free NDS roms on the DS Lite and Nintendo 3DS and DSi XL consoles. DSi roms have been tested and proven to be fully compatible with DS R4 Flash Cards and DSi SDHC cartridges. As suspected DSi was hacked to play all games within a week after its release - so here is me hoping for the same to happen with Nintendo 3DS and R4 3DS cards.

As you try to get into the details of the console, you might feel that it is actually a kind of gimmick because even if its 3D effect is fantastic, still there is nothing much to say about its gameplay. If only Nintendo has tried to do more in terms of the implications for the gameplay, then the Nintendo 3DS would have been more out of the ordinary.


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Gameboy Advance Rom

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